Katarzyna — 45 cm (18 inches) height. Paper clay, textile, acrylic. No pre-fabricated parts, it’s completely handmade work. Date: September 2018

special project for DollPrague 2018 show

The project «About the King and Queens» is dedicated to the Medieval Prague, to the dearly-loved King Charles IV during whose reign architecture, science, merchantry and everything else possible came into bloom.

This project is not a historical one, it sets up the atmosphere. No need to seek for accuracy of the images and costumes of this epoch. This is my glance through the time, my mood.
So alien, gentle and blurred the images of the King’s brides were to me as they emerged from that distance. Like in a dream — a vague, indistinct, scarcely perceptible picture. In a minute they will again be nebulously gone… One should catch the rustle of skirts, perceive a light scent of hair, take a look into the eyes…