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Cousin Zeena - by Anna Zueva

Cousin Zeena

Poppies - by Anna Zueva


2014 Maroussia - by Anna Zueva


Zoe student - by Anna Zueva

Zoe, student

Manya - by Anna Zueva


Little Caramel - by Anna Zueva

Little Caramel

"On a sleigh" - art doll by Anna Zueva

On a sleigh

Peakless Cap - by Anna Zueva

Peakless Cap

"A be-a-a-ar!!!" - original handmade doll by Anna Zueva

A be-a-a-ar!!!

Lady Snowstorm - by Anna Zueva

Frau Holle

"The Big Wash" - Original art doll by Anna Zueva.

The Big Wash

Artist dolls, one-of-a-kind originals by Anna Zueva, doll maker and NIADA artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s completely handmade work. Each doll is created from a unique design and usually exists in a single copy. No pre-fabricated parts. Handmade clothes tailored individually for each doll.

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